A Word from the Chairman

Ed Moore, ChairmanIt has been asked, "What does the Chamber do for my business?".
Any Chamber membership is like a gym membership. You've got to show up to make a difference.

The deeper answer to that is easy from my standpoint. The chamber supports you in networking events, community functions, governmental affairs and helps with the direction of this community. When you see bridges mended, many times it is because the chamber puts a voice to what needs to be done.

If you have questions on membership or direction of the Chamber in general, feel free to drop me a line. Also, feel free to view our presentation of some of our activities over the last year. 

Ed Moore

  • Develop Lehigh, September 2018

    This meeting was to review the positive steps that had been taken in reaching the goals that had been outlined by this committee in January, 2018. Since Rachel's departure, documentation has been very limited. She had sent only a couple of files that were simply an outline, one of this particular meeting.So, I used the outline to describe much of the positive things that I know have happened in Lehigh over the last few months.   Read More...

  • Develop Lehigh

    Lee County EDO started a campaign, Develop Lehigh a couple of years ago. This is a culmination of business owners, organizations and government officials that are concerned in the planning and development of Lehigh Acres.In June, The EDO asked me if the Chamber would take the lead on this project. I saw it as a natural fit for the Chamber as we are all about growing businesses and helping the community where we can.We have 3 teams...Retail - focused in the development and targeting of new retail...  Read More...

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