A Word From the Past Chairman

It has been my pleasure to serve as your Chairman for this last year and a half. I'll never forget, when it was first announced that I was to be your Chairman, Rae Nicely walked up to me, looked up into my eyes and said... "Ed Moore, you don't even live in Lehigh. Why are you doing this?". 

I simply replied, "Rae, my grandpa always taught me to help my neighbors. I live in Gateway, Lehigh is my neighbor". That was all she needed.

My goal has been to help foster the community feeling of Lehigh. We have worked with Law Enforcement, First Responders, the School Board, political leaders, Lee County EDO and so much more. While I realize a Chamber's mission is to drive membership, my belief is that if you foster community, you will grow business.

While I have done interviews with CNN, Reuters, RDO Radio Network about the stability and growth of Lehigh Acres, nothing excites me more than bringing the business community together with the school system. And I mean taking it to the student level.

If you were at this year's Gala, you know what I mean. As our talent, we showcased students from East Lee County HS and Lehigh Senior HS... and they were GREAT! I've heard so many positive responses from many attendees... do it again next year!  Just you wait...we've got more.

I want to thank the Board Members for the support each one has given, whether with time, money or knowledge, but most of all, I want to thank Doris Moore. She has been my right hand, telling me what the rules are (so I can figure out a way to bend them) and keeps us on track financially. It is bittersweet that she is retiring, I wish her all the relaxation she can possibly stand but will miss her greatly.

I now pass the torch to Mike Welch. We have had many discussions and I truly believe he can help Lehigh grow in ways I could not. He has strengths in areas I do not, and vice-versa. I believe we are a good compliment to one another and will be a great team. While our passions and talents may be different, our visions are aligned. We know we can work together to help Lehigh Acres become a stronger, vibrant community.

Please help me welcome Mike and the new board to the Greater Lehigh Acres Chamber of Commerce by supporting the events and inviting your friends and colleagues to become members. 

Let's do lunch!