Post Hurricane Irma

We are receiving numerous emails from residents who evacuated needing to know about the condition of streets where they live. We are looking for your help in posting pictures of your area.  If you are able to take a few pictures and can upload them to the form below and any pertinent information you feel valuable. 

Hurricane Irma Update 9/7/2017

On today's conference call, there was a lot of discussion about evacuation, which counties, etc. In an effort to get the information to as many people as possible, all Hurricane Irma information can be found here...

In relation to FUEL - refineries that have been offline in Florida are now being brought online. Currently fuel is being brought into Florida by the following means:

  • Port of Tampa
  • Port of the Everglades
  • Pipeline into Pensacola and Northern Florida

Tankers are being brought in as fast as possible to meet the demand and will continue to do so until the waters become unsafe. Once the storm passes, they will continue with disaster recovery.

RESOURCES - To view real-time resources from official sources on the storm path, traffic information and travel safety tips, please go to

Hotel Vacancies are limited. AirBNB has rooms scattered all over Florida and Georgia. 

Stay safe.

Hurricane Irma Update

The Greater Lehigh Acres Chamber of Commerce had a meeting with the Emergency Management Division in regards to Hurricane Irma. Please take the time to prepare properly. The Emergency Management Division has assured us of a few things...

  • There are NO SHORTAGES on supplies. While local stores may temporarily be out of supplies, trucks are rolling in every day with the supplies needed. 
  • The EMD has been working with other neighboring states to ensure shipping in these supplies are expedited across State lines.
  • This means there is no gas shortage, water shortage or food shortage. You may have to be patient and wait for your local store to receive it, but it will be available.
  • Shelters are currently being setup across the State for those who need it.

Just a few tips on getting prepared

  • Using 1 gallon ziplock bags, you can fill them with water, put them in your freezer. This will serve 2 purposes. 1) You will have drinking water and 2) the food in your freezer will stay frozen longer
  • Fill up your tub with water. In the event you lose water, you can use the water in the tub to flush your toilet.
  • Fill up a cooler with the basic essentials and plenty of ice. This will allow you to keep your refrigerator doors closed, keeping your food cold longer.
  • Get a battery backup for your modem and wifi. The night of the storm, turn off the battery backup but do not unplug it. If you lose power, you will be able to turn it on for a few minutes at a time and wifi will be restored to your phone. You will be able to text and view news on your phone (as long as your cable carrier is still operational) for a short amount of time. Keep in mind, the battery backup has a limited life and you should read the owner's manual to know the amount of charge time the battery backup offers.

These are just a few tips that could help you through the storm. Good luck and stay safe!